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Adventure Choices

As the story unfolds, you'll be presented with a variety of story choices. Depending on what you choose, characters will react differently and your Love Level will change accordingly.

Change name (default)

You can change the main character's name.

*If you play through the game using her default name (Lynette Mirror) the other characters will specifically call her by name.

Saving & Loading

You can save and load whenever you want. For your convenience, the game will save the screen you were on, the title name, and the time as of saving.

*Up to 100 save files can be created.


Love Surge

As your Love Level increases, Love Surge may be displayed.

*Can be turned on/off in the menu.



You can check the progress of the story whenever you want. If you've already explored a certain event, you can freely move to that location.

Text Window Appearance/Font Settings

In the Options menu, you can change the appearance of the text window, as well as select from 4 different fonts.


The controller will sometimes vibrate based on different events, such as receiving an e-mail, being hugged, etc.

*Can be turned on/off from the "Settings" menu, accessible from the Nintendo Switch main menu.

View Events

Browse through past events, and check to see which characters appear during those events.


Choice Jump

Jump to the next choice, or explore unread sections.
When viewing new text, the game will pause until you're ready to move on, so you don't have to worry about ever missing out on the story.

Facial Expressions

Characters will blink and move their mouths according to the dialogue during conversations.

Love Match

As the story unfolds, you will be presented with dating questionnaires, which will help determine what your most ideal type is.
The story branches and final game endings will change according to the results of these tests.

*From the 2nd playthrough onward, you can choose whichever Love Match you like.


View event backgrounds, listen to background music, and watch dynamic cutscenes that you experienced during the game.

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