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"Ah, hello? It's Gill. How are you? I just wanted to make sure we're still on for our interview today. ...Okay, great! Can't wait to see you!
...Oh, no, of course! Yeah, I realize that the meeting is about marriage advice, but...I'm just really happy to talk to you. Er, I mean—I'm excited to talk about planning dates and the importance of sharing my values with someone I care about and...all of that!
...Huh? Yeah, no, right! You're just here to give advice, of course. Anyway, I'm just about to head out. ...That seems too early? Nah, I always get to meetings an hour ahead of time, don't worry about it! I'll message you when I'm there. Okay, see ya soon!"


Will the Lovelorn Parasite mend his broken heart?


"Ah, sorry to bother you. It's me...your boss. Owen informed me that you want to meet with Monsieur Esse in person. Is he in some kind of trouble?
...Hmm. Yes, I see. That's a good point. Let me talk with Owen, and I'm sure we can help Monsieur Esse come up with a good resolution. ...Why am I getting involved? Well, don't worry about that.
I mean, I'm a devoted husband, so—huh? ...No, of course, every day. ...Yes, looking someone in the eye IS a good way to get to know someone better. *Gulp* W-Well, have a good day.


Where will the Prestige Parasite rank in love? "Oh and I should also mention... "From your first encounter to your final vows," Cupid Corp is here for all your love and marriage needs.


"Hey, it's Raul! Are you busy? I know this is kind of sudden, but I found your card, and... Oh, no, there's no problem! It's just—I remember you mentioning mythology the other day, so I thought maybe...
Well, there's a mythology lecture at Los York University tonight, and I thought—do you want to go with me? The topic is Cupid, so I thought you might be interested. ...Oh, I'm late for our romance seminar?
Well...if I show up in time, how about you come with me to the lecture as a reward? ...Really? Great! I'll be right there! See you soon!


Give the Obsessed Parasite a taste of the divine!


"Ahh, I'm finally done for the day. Where are you? I went to your office and you weren't there. ...You're at the movies? I hope you have that mist I gave you.
Theaters are usually extremely dry, so you should use it as soon as the lights go down. ...You left it at home? That's fine. Just wait in the lobby, I'll bring you some more. ...No, I'm not going to watch the movie, I don't need a ticket.
...Well, fine. I suppose I don't mind sitting next to you, to make sure you actually use the mist. You need to increase your score, after all."


Can the Glamor Parasite find the beauty within?


"Hi there, our darling. What are you up to? Been thinking about some guy you might be into? I know you don't have anyone, but... *whispering* I do hope you'll fall in love with someone soon.
Ah, sorry, I'm getting sidetracked. What I wanted to say is, it's okay to care about your work, but I want to make sure you're taking care of yourself.
I feel like your pillow is probably less than ideal. Your shoulders seemed to be bothering you the other day—am I wrong? Working at a desk all day can cause that, but even a small height change in your pillow can make a huge difference. If you have some time today, why don't you come down to my store?
I can make your dreams come true. Haha, don't worry—I won't intrude. I'm just here to make you the perfect pillow. Anyway, I'll keep the store open for you..."


Whose heart will the Thieving Parasite steal next?


1 More Day!


"Hmm hmm hmm~! I get to see her tomorrow. Ahh, I can't wait! I used to cook for her all the time. I wonder if she learned to cook for herself... Either way, I hope she's eating healthy. Man, I wish I could take care of her! Or just hear her voice...
I mean, it wouldn't be weird if I called her to confirm our meeting time, right? It's kind of late, so maybe I'll call her tomorrow before I leave for work. Ugh, her phone voice is even cuter! I'm not sure I'll even be able to sleep..."


"A feather base is best, and these are particularly high quality—warm, with just the right amount of softness. You can add a little down to get the exact right ratio and make sure it's not too hard for your neck. Perfect for any busy Los York businesswoman.
The best dreams come when you can sleep soundly and focus on thoughts about your lover. What better existence could there be? ...Come to think of it, her shoulders seemed unusually stiff, didn't they?
I'm sure she's way too focused on other peoples' relationships to spend any time thinking about her own. Since we got some nice, high quality feathers in stock, maybe I'll try and make her a pillow. I'll give her a call tomorrow..."


2 More Day!


"Agh! This Neptune statue just LOVES collecting dust around the shoulders and under the arms. ...Okay, all clean! Anyway, I have another mythology meeting in a couple of days, and I'm really looking forward to it.
If I remember, the theme for this meeting is...Cupid, I think? Oh! Maybe I should invite that advisor of mine! She's the only person I've been able to properly talk about the twelve Olympian gods with, and she does work for the CUPID Corporation, after all!
I'm sure she'd be super into it. Umm, her contact info should be on that business card she gave me. Now where the heck did I put it...?"


3 More Days!

"Hmm... My skin is feeling a bit dry. I should probably turn on the humidifier. That reminds me, I gave that woman a moisturizing mist the other day that should be perfect for her skin type. I hope it's been keeping her hydrated.
Technically, her face is a 55 right now. But with some attention and the right care routine, that could go up quite easily. I think I'll pay her a little unannounced visit when I get a chance.
Er, wait... Why am I spending this much time thinking about her? I mean she started off at #da536e, right? ...This is stupid."


4 More Days!

"Hmm? It looks like I have a message from Owen. 'She keeps pushing me for a meeting with Monsieur Esse in person. What do you want to do?' Huh... She certainly is dedicated to her job.
I knew it would come to this eventually, but this is sooner than I was expecting. I absolutely can't let anyone know that I'm Monsieur Esse, so he'll have to turn her down politely but firmly.
Still, I didn't expect her to be so forceful in her request. I suppose it's a bigger deal than I realized. Perhaps I'll have to ask her about it next time I see her."


5 More Days!

"Hi there. My name is Allan—Allan Melville. I work at a designer bedding shop on 9th Avenue called Pillow Luxuria. My job is to observe each customer's body and listen to their needs, then create a custom pillow for them.
My Cupid Corp advisors all call me a "predator" but let me ask you this—you've all heard of share houses, ride shares, things like that?
Well why shouldn't that apply to girlfriends, too? Nobody seems interested in trying to understand... Speaking of which, are any of you currently seeing anyone? If so, I'd love to, ahem, make your dreams come true."


6 More Days!

"I'm Ryuki F. Keisaiin, and my specialty is fashion design. Please be aware that if you don't have a facial rating of at least 70, I'm afraid I can't consider you for a relationship. And if your rating is 55 or lower, you basically live in a different world from me—a pure fantasy. I can't acknowledge your existence.
My sister signed me up for this Cupid Corp service without asking me, and to be honest I have no interest in marriage. My only focus is becoming the best designer I can.
In fact, why am I even bothering to introduce myself to people whose existence I have no intention of acknowledging? I'm leaving."


7 More Days!

"Heya! I'm Raul Aconite. You know, the famous Sillywood actor? I've starred in stuff like Jurassic Sword and Hannabal. I hope you're familiar! Anyway, my next movie is a straight-up romance, so I joined Cupid Corp to do a little love research.
My main hobby is learning everything I can about mythology! Actually, when I was at a Neptune Festival in Boltamore, a demon tried to kill me, but thankfully I was saved by the gods! I've been addicted to the topic ever since. Whenever I'm not filming, I attend the Mythological Society's meetings and polish my many godly statues!
Speaking of which, what do you think of Neptune, mighty god of the sea?! Most people think he's a guy, but I believe that "he" is actually a she! You see, I witnessed the goddess myself when she came down to save me..."


8 More Days!

"Nice to meet you! I'm Gill Lovecraft. I decided it was finally time to move on, so I joined Cupid Corp. But I just couldn't forget about the girl I used to love... Before I knew it, people started calling me the Lovelorn Parasite. B-But listen! I'm great when it comes to housework, and I'm a freelancer, so I can fit my schedule around whatever the other person needs. I really do want to get married so please, please help me out! Of course...I can't guarantee I'll be happy with just any other girl. Haha..."


"A pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Shelby Snail. I've asked my secretary to represent Monsieur Esse and say hello on his behalf. Apparently, he's known as the Prestige Parasite and is obsessed with social status. His main concern is attaining SS-rank in all things, including marriage.
I approach my diet logically and consume mainly jelly drinks that provide me with all the nutrients I need, and I'd like to take the same approach to marriage. Huh? Er, sorry. Did I say 'I'? I meant him—Monsieur Esse. Why would I be talking about myself? After all, I'm a devoted husband. Anyway, I have to go."

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